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The Inflatable Man
I'm going to be a someone
I'm going to change the world
I'm going to live forever
I'm going to have it all
I'm going to be a hero
I will have my place in history
I'm going to go the distance
There's no limit to what I can be

The inflatable man has a promising cause        
Building up what he can, holding off the applause
He can say what he needs
Then he just makes it happen
His innumerable deeds
Far outweighing his flaws

I wanted to live in Paris
I wanted to feel the Spring
I wanted to walk on beaches
Where time wouldn't mean a thing
I wanted to smell the flowers
See the ocean with a melting sun
Float away a few relaxing hours
Losing track of where the problems run

The inflatable man has a dream in his heart
He believes in his plan
All the way from the start
It's not easy to find
That it just wouldn't happen
When you come to the time
When it all comes apart

Looks like I'm starting over
Maybe then I'll finally get it right
Looks as if I'm going nowhere
Am I ever gonna see the light?
Guess I'm never gonna live forever
Did I even change a thing at all?
Now that I am running out of options
Time to bang my head against a wall
The inflatable man walks alone in the rain
Try as hard as he can
There's no way to explain
You could die in the street
But it just wouldn't matter
Once you swallow defeat
All you taste is the pain